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Performance art is clearly on the move. At a time when performance art is a growing media in contemporary art, Live Action Gothenburg, is already an established event on the international scene. Since its start in 2006 it has continuously shown artistic quality, organisational sustainability and an outreaching global network, that makes it what it is. Live Action Gothenburg features each year high quality artists from all over the world.

The 6th edition of what is Swedens single annual international performance art festival will take place from the 26th to the 28th of May at the Museum of World Culture as well as outdoors in downtown Gothenburg at Kungsportsplatsen and Brunnsparken. Artists from the United States, China, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hong Kong and of course Sweden will be there to make you think in new ways, and experience something you have never experienced before.

Live Action Gothenburg presents more than 30 performances realized by 15 invited artists, and completely free of charge. Our principle ist that art belongs to everybody, and as such should be free. Art is in itself a gift, so why not give it to everyone. Live Action Gothenburg does not only promote public access to contemporary art in an innovating way, but also cultural democracy approaching other audiences in new ways. Live Action Gothenburg is clearly here and now, it's ephemeral, it has attitude, it's fleeting, and it's avant-garde. Moreover it is free, at no cost. Welcome to the 6th edition of Live Action Gothenburg.

Live Action Gothenburg 011 features an international program of performance art at the Museum of World Culture from May 25 to 28, in an intense, exciting and innovative event that goes beyond the ordinary, beyond the mainstream.
15 artists from 12 countries have been invited to participate in this sixth edition of Live Action Gothenburg. As in earlier editions we continue to present major as well as emergent artists from all over the world in an event that does not compromise, nor with the artistic quality or with the objective; that artists shouldn't compromise with their own existence, their own work. 
The artistic selection at Live Action Gothenburg has as its single criteria, as the curator Jonas Stampe puts it : ”artistic excellence, courage, authenticity, presence, and originality". We continue as such to develop and sustain the high artistic quality that have profiled the event since it started in 2006.


Thursday May 26 2011

7-11 pm. Museum of World Culture
19.00 Hampus Pettersson, Sweden
19.45 BBB Johannes Deimling, Germany
20.30 Loic Connanski, France
21.15 He Chengyao, China
22.00 Zygmunt Piotrowski, Poland

Friday May 27 2011

12.30 - 4 pm. Kungsportsplatsen, Brunnsparken, Gustav Adolfs torg

Zygmunt Piotrowski, Poland

He Chengyao, China

Loic Connanski, France

BBB Johannes Deimling, Germany

Hampus Pettersson, Sweden

Marilyn Arsem, USA

Jiri Suruvka, Czech Republic

Wen Yau, Hong Kong

Joszef Juhasz, Slovakia

Nadia Capitaine, France

EKTA, Sweden

19.00-23.00. Museum of World Culture.

19.00 EKTA, Sweden

19.45 Maline Casta, Sweden

20.30 Peter Rosvik, Finland

21.15 Magnus Logi Kristinsson, Iceland

22.00 Paco Nogales, Spain

Saturday May 28 2011

12.30 - Kungsportsplatsen, Brunnsparken, Gustaf Adolfs Torg

Maline Casta, Sweden

Peter Rosvik, Finland

Magnus Logi Kristinsson, Iceland

Paco Nogales, Spain

EKTA, Sweden

Zygmunt Piotrowski, Poland

He Chengyao, China

Loic Connanski, France

BBB Johannes Deimling, Germany 

Hampus Pettersson, Sweden

19.00  - Museum of World Culture

19.00 Tomas Ruller, Czech Republic

19.45 Wen Yau, Hong Kong

20.30 Arsem, Marilyn, USA

21.15 Joszef Juhasz, Slovakia

22.00 Jiri Suruvka, Czech Republic

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