fredag 27 maj 2011

Ways of Transmission presents The Force The Movie The Vague by Mårten Spångberg

Ways of Transmission presentsThe Force The Movie The Vague
by Mårten Spångberg

Space is limited - Send an email to to reserve a seat.

Mårten Spångberg will present a lecture concerning an idea of aliens in respect of visibility through an investigation into the creation of autonomous economical zones in the contemporary urban landscape. Presented as both actual event and as metaphor, this narrative examines the visibility/invisibility of certain communities, while at the same time functions as a poetic rendition on speculative notions of production; a fighting back understood as dark matter or contingent material.

Mårten Spångberg is performance related artist living and working in Stockholm. His multidisciplinary practice finds its root through a concern with choreography in the expanded field. In 2004 he founded the group International Festival with architect Tor Lindstrand an open production platform with the intention to work in the tension between the founders' two forms of expression, in particular, to create knowledge by questioning social and artistic conventions.
This project is produced in collaboration with Galleri Rotor

Thanks to Paletten Art Journal for helping out with the event

Hing Wa Restaurang
Hornsgatan 12,

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