fredag 26 november 2010

Vernissage imorgon lördag: Barrie James Sutcliffe: A RESONANT TOMB / EN EKANDE GRAV

VERNISSAGE 27 nov 16:00 - 20:00
with performance by You Are Dissolved approx. 19:00, new noise composition named "Do Not Wear Out."
Very welcome to the opening of Barrie Sutcliffe's new work at H!IEP.

"A Resonant Tomb" is a sound installation about distance, either through space, time, medium, or death. How does the shape of our longings persist over time? How does it change—would we be able to recognize it?

Through the use of two opposing radio stations on the same frequency, "A Resonant Tomb" provides us room to contemplate the difficulty of communication and separating signal from noise. Moving through this space, we are aware of our own body's affect on our surroundings and of the information passing through us. The old, not yet dead, media plays with our memories, crackling with the nostalgic resonating echoes of that which was, that which could be, and that which has been only a comfortable dream.

exact time tbc, readings tba here

Dec. 12 will see a seminar about the installation and its themes. Literature etc. still needs to be confirmed, will be updated here.

This installation has been produced especially for the cavernous post-industrial space at Hey! It's Enrico Pallazzo.

Nov. 27–Dec. 12 2010
Tue–Thu 14–18, Sat–Sun 12–16
Hey! It’s Enrico Pallazzo
Sockerbruket 20-22 (Banehagsgatan), Klippan, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Near Röda Sten and KKV
Tram: Vagnhallen Majorna (3, 9)


Produced with the support of Skup Palet

Barrie James Sutcliffe (b. 1983, Ft. McMurray) is a Canadian multimedia artist based in Gothenburg. He is currently a visiting lecturer at the Valand School of Fine Arts.

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